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Jacob Zabkowicz

Jacob Zabkowicz

Vertical Leader, Life Sciences, Korn Ferry Futurestep

Jacob Zabkowicz is the Vertical Leader of Life Sciences. Since joining the firm in 2013, he has held several roles of increasing responsibility.

Jake initially joined the company to lead Program Design and Implementation where he would analyze, solution and implement a best-in-class talent acquisition process for each of Futurestep’s partnerships. There Jake focused on designing solutions and partnerships for all of the industry sectors; however, he began to specialize in life sciences, designing and implementing the solutions for both Novartis Pharmaceuticals and Regeneron.

In 2014, Jake took on a new challenge as the lead of Continuous Improvement for North America. In this role he was responsible for analyzing and assessing our current solutions and partnering with our operational teams to focus on ways to increase our effectiveness, promote cutting edge technology, and leverage Korn Ferry/Futurestep Intellectual property where possible. His team evaluated the uniqueness of the individual partner, considering culture, desired business outcomes, company strategies, hiring demands, process, and technology for each custom solution.

Leveraging both his experience in Solution Design and Implementation as well as in Continuous Improvement, Jake took on the role of Client Development to ensure that we bring to life our intellectual property within our partnerships.

In 2016, Mr. Zabkowicz was asked to take on a new responsibility, leveraging his knowledge of the Life Sciences space and become the Vertical Leader for Futurestep in Life Sciences. He now has the accountability and oversite of all of the Life Sciences accounts in Futurestep North America and is responsible for ensuring their operational excellence and growth.

Prior to joining Futurestep, Jake held multiple leadership positions throughout many industry leading organizations. He was the Director of Solution Design and Implementation at Pinstripe, COBRA and Direct Bill Product Manager with WageWorks, Project Manager Consultant at Epic Systems, and has held management positions with DaimlerChrysler.

Jake holds a Bachelor’s of Business Administration from the University of Wisconsin Madison.