Bandwidth Network Connections Errors


Resolving Errors Caused by Slow, Unstable, Or Low Bandwidth Network Connections

Slow or low-quality intranet or internet connections can cause files not to load, course or assessment sessions to time out, videos to 'hang' or stutter, and other problems. The following steps will help you make the most of any connection – but especially a slow or weak one.

To get the best available speed and quality from your intranet and internet connections:

  • Before starting a course or assessment, close out of any other applications that can use network bandwidth (other browser windows, messaging programs, email, shared document editing, and so on). In short: close out of any application that is able to communicate with the world outside your computer, but is not needed to run the course or assessment.
  • Pick a time of day when your shared network connection, local network, and connection to the public internet is likely to be less busy. (Many offices and areas of the world have internet “rush hours” – times when more people are using the internet than average, which can slow down the connection for everyone. For most areas, the heaviest use is at the beginning of the business day, at the lunch hour, and early evening. Attempt the course or assessment during less busy hours of the day for better results.)

If the connection is still too limited to run the course or assessment after taking these steps, the solution is to switch to a better connection.


Korn Ferry online courses and assessments require a constant, stable internet connection of at least 360Kbps. 

Connection Speed is tested for in the Quickcheck – but this test only captures the connection’s raw speed at a moment in time – and it assumes the connection has sufficient stability and capacity to sustain that speed. On a less stable, lower-capacity connection with latency or noise issues, the posted result of the Connection Speed test would have to be faster – in some situations, many times faster – to achieve a actual usable bandwidth of 360Kbps. Thus it is possible to pass the Quickcheck Connection Speed test and still have a problem intranet or internet connection. If a connection-related problem is suspected – even if the computer passes the Connection Speed test in the Quickcheck – you should follow the steps above. These steps cannot ‘fix’ a sub-par connection… but they will help insure that you are getting the most out of the connection you do have.



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