Locked Out of Your Account


You are Automatically Locked Out of Your Account When Relying on Your Browser’s Autofill or Manage Passwords Feature


You use Safari or Google Chrome to log on to the Assessments Portal, and choose to save your logon credentials through your browser’s Autofill or Manage passwords feature. Although your initial attempt to log in is successful, any subsequent attempts using your saved username and password entry automatically locks your user account. You are also unable to manually enter your credentials successfully before being presented with a “Your account has been locked” message.


You will need to either disable your browser’s Autofill or Manage passwords feature, or remove the saved username and password entry for the Assessments Portal website. Instructions for both Safari and Google Chrome are described below.


1. Navigate to Safari > Preferences:


2. Navigate to the Autofill section and uncheck User names and passwords


Alternatively, keep the User names and passwords option checked, and click on the Edit button (or simply navigate to the Passwords section). On the subsequent Passwords page, click and highlight the entry for “assessments.kornferry.com” and click on the Remove button (as depicted below).


Please note that if your account is currently locked, you will need to wait 30 minutes from your last failed logon attempt to successfully sign in.

Google Chrome

1. Click on the KEY icon located on the upper right of the browser window 


2. Click on the trashcan icon next to the “********” password entry to delete the saved password.

3. Wait 30 minutes for your account to unlock automatically before trying again


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