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HCI 2017 Employee Engagement Conference

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Creating an Engaged Culture through Purpose, Connection, and Neuroscience

Engaged cultures are made up of fierce, change-ready people who drive innovation, and challenge the marketplace with products and services that connect directly to the customer base.

HCI believes that to build this type of culture, organizations must clearly articulate their purpose and values and reinforce those values by recognizing and rewarding behaviors that further those competencies.

HR leaders need to rethink the behaviors we reward to ensure we’re not rewarding actions that don’t propel the organization forward. It’s just as important to understand the “why” we recognize before thinking about “how” we recognize.

Join Korn Ferry Hay Group presenter Mark Royal at the Employee Engagement, the Digital Economy, and the New Realities of Work session on Monday, July 24th at 4 pm.

Date: July 24-26, 2017 — San Francisco, CA