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On-Demand Broadcast: What’s Trending in Life Sciences Talent Acquisition? (EMEA)

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The merger and acquisition activity that is characterizing the Life Sciences industry, particularly within pharmaceuticals, means companies need to look at their talent acquisition strategies to make sure they support the broader business initiatives. The consolidation means many companies are now supporting a talent acquisition function that stretches across continents, spurring the desire for standardized processes across regions. Building a brand that enables candidates to connect with these ever-increasing firms is crucial to the success of recruiting efforts.

Please join us for an insightful discussion around the trends shaping talent acquisition in the Life Sciences industry, the challenges – from developing a centralized and standardized recruitment process to employer branding – that have stemmed as a result, and how providers are developing strategies to overcome these obstacles.

Paul Kenrick, Client Services Director, EMEA
Stijn Van Steenbergen, Head of Life Sciences, Search EMEA

“Life Sciences” is the second webinar in a six-part series focusing on industry-specific recruitment. These sessions are intended to inform our audiences about talent acquisition trends and challenges within each industry and explain how the right partner can offer solutions to answer them.

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