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For some time, companies have been considering how to optimize real estate strategy, especially given the changes in how employees work and interact. Many were simply looking to refresh locations, geographic spread and square footage, often with the goal of cost optimization. But now it’s not just a question of where to locate real estate and how to save money, it’s also whether organizations need an office at all.

From REITs to retail, and from commercial to construction to corporate firms, real estate firms should start looking to its workforce as a competitive advantage and invest accordingly. A firm must also consider whether it has the leadership required to respond to disruptions in the market.

In this volatile environment, our seasoned real estate consultants can help real estate firms and REITs connect the dots between their business strategies and their talent acquisition and retention initiatives. We work with clients to attract, engage and retain talent and cultivate future leaders who are capable of driving transformation in their industry.

Where we can help

Your performance and results are what matters. We partner with you to continually evolve and optimize to reflect the changing needs of your business. We help our real estate clients address challenges like these.

Mining qualified talent

People are powerful strategic assets for firms in the real estate industry. But it’s often difficult for real estate firms to recruit the right talent, particularly when they’re looking for diverse leaders, searching for experienced candidates with modern skill sets or expanding into new markets.

Our real estate consultants integrate scientific research with decades of practical experience and industry-specific expertise to help your firm recruit professionals of all levels and functions. As part of the world’s leading executive search firm, our specialties include board and CEO, executive, and professional recruitment—from inside and outside the real estate sector.

Our extensive market mappings, compensation data and assessment reports of hundreds of thousands of executives mean that we know what best-in-class truly looks like. We bring this experience to the table to help you solve internal capability and competency gaps and create comprehensive succession plans.

Ensuring alignment between hiring and organizational priorities

Effective leadership development improves employee engagement, unlocks talent potential and drives organizational growth. But only 17% of executives feel confident that their organization has the leadership capabilities it needs to succeed in the future. And many firms don’t have targeted leadership development programs or a cohesive strategy to build a qualified, diverse leadership pipeline.  

Our assessment and succession planning protocols have led our clients to make confident hiring decisions that pay dividends. Through our data-driven assessment and benchmarking tools, we can show you what great leaders look like and help you find candidates with the right skills, thinking styles, learning agility, and cultural fit.

We also help you identify individuals with high potential for leadership, then develop their capabilities and cultivate a leadership pipeline. Additionally, we offer leadership development programs that activate purpose, vision and strategy through all levels.

Spearheading diversity and inclusion initiatives

Traditionally, talent at the topmost levels of real estate organizations has not matched the complexity of the market. To thrive, real estate firms need to recruit more diverse candidates for its leadership pipeline and work towards building a culture of trust and belonging for all employees. 
We can help your organization take a more systemic, strategic approach to diversity and inclusion. Our diagnostics help you understand your firm's strengths and opportunities to improve diversity. We use inclusive design principles to build fair, equitable talent management structures, processes and practices. Beyond that, we design and deliver inclusion learning journeys geared to employees at all levels, and we offer high-impact career advancement programs for underrepresented talent.

Let us be part of your success story. Contact us to learn where to focus your investment to get the biggest return on your talent management strategies.

Let us be part of your success story

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