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The telecommunications industry is at the epicenter of a series of profound disruptions, and none as life-altering as 5G. This next-generation technology is poised to change the way we live and work: its enhanced speed and increased bandwidth are enabling new levels of connectivity for businesses and consumers alike. 5G technology will also bridge the digital divide, building new networks, promoting industrialization, improving infrastructure and fostering innovation.

But that’s not the only change afoot. Telcos are also focusing on digital inclusion initiatives to ensure that everyone, regardless of location or income, has access to broadband. Bringing more people online means that organizations must also rethink their customer experience—one that integrates digital, retail and call center experience.

Addressing all of these goals requires telecommunications companies to adopt new ways of approaching work, from talent acquisition and talent management to organizational design. That’s where we come in. Our consultants realize that upheaval will continue to test the talents of telecommunications business leaders and redefine the requirements for strategic leadership going forward. Whether you’re a large, established firm or a growth player, we can design the talent and organizational structures you need to transform through disruption. We help you find smart, agile leaders capable of facing ambiguity and succeeding on an evolving field of play. Our telecommunications consultants will show you how to engage and develop a diverse roster of telco professionals with the confidence to thrive in a fiercely competitive environment.

Where we can help

Your performance and results are what matters. We partner with you to continually evolve and optimize to reflect to reflect the changing needs of your business. We help our telecommunications clients address challenges like these.

Identifying and recruiting diverse professional talent

Today, the most successful organizations are diverse. Diverse organizations are more innovative, better at decision-making and leading the way in their market. But, in many telcos, it’s hard to find individuals with diverse backgrounds in the upper leadership ranks. It's often difficult for women and people of color to advance to meaningful leadership roles, whether because of unconscious biases or unfair systems and structures.

Our consultants are committed to helping you promote diversity, equity and inclusion throughout your organization. We’ll work with you to identify and develop high-potential talent using our proprietary assessments and other data-driven tools. Once you’ve identified diverse talent, we help you create effective development and rewards programs to ensure they’re engaged and on track. We also take a deep dive into your processes and practices, ensuring that there are no roadblocks to providing equitable opportunities for everyone. And we train your leaders and talent to make sure you’re able to unleash the potential of everyone and accelerate your organizational performance.

Creating a sustainable leadership pipeline

The skills of yesterday aren’t what telcos need to compete today. When planning talent pipelines, organizations need to forecast their needs, so they can recruit the skills required to succeed— both now and into the future. At the same time, telcos must figure out how to become leaner and more efficient so they can compete as the market continues to evolve.

We have worked with 90% of telecommunications organizations to assess their workforce, model workforce dynamics and predicting future employee requirements. We help you develop a long-term strategy so you can recruit employees with the critical skills needed for today and the learning agility to adapt for tomorrow. We also show you how to identify your next generation of leaders based on their competencies as well as how to develop those leaders to maximize their future potential.

Creating a talent base that’s ready for a digital future

While telcos are heavily experienced in communications technology, they’re not always as experienced with other emerging technologies. This puts them at a disadvantage as digitization is taking over every industry. Telcos must discover how to build new digital products and engage customers through digital channels. To remain competitive, they need to recruit agile talent that can adapt in changing environments and will want to learn continuously.

Our telecommunications consultants assess your people's digital readiness, including their digital experience, transformational competencies and learning agility. With this information, we can help you identify talent gaps and development potential, so you can prepare your organization to undertake the challenges of digitization. We then help you define a talent strategy using a digital transformation success profile to identify and attract the right digital leaders.

Finding new ways to sell to your market

To address the rapidly changing customer experience, telcos need a different type of talent. Their sales organization must strive to deliver a unified, consistent customer experience across a variety of channels, from online to retail and call centers. To meet customer expectations, they need sales and service teams ready to enrich the customer experience and provide perspective that closes the sale.

We work with you to build a world-class sales organization that’s designed to help you reach your goals. We use our proprietary, data-driven assessments to identify your sellers’ strengths and opportunities. Then we help them reach their potential with a customized development plan that teaches effective sales methodologies and reinforces their training with coaching and microlearning. We also develop your cohort of sales leaders with instruction that helps them manage through disruption and achieve stronger results with their sales teams. And, to improve your seller engagement and retention, we help you build a more inclusive, flexible sales organization with robust recognition processes and attractive compensation and rewards programs.

Realigning the organization and optimizing costs

Your people can account for up to 70% of the total cost of running a digital telecommunications business. So, if you want to acquire a business, restructure your organization, introduce new products and services or even just determine where you stand in the market, you need to know that you have the right people in the right jobs and that you’re paying them appropriately. In short, the centerpiece of your strategy must be optimizing your costs and headcount.

Our telco consultants have the tools and know-how to show you exactly where you stand in the telecommunications market. We help you benchmark the structure of your organization against your competitors and show you where you can improve. We also ensure that your structure aligns with your organizational goals, so your organization will be able to sustain itself through future challenges.

Let us be part of your success story. Contact us and see how we can help you connect the dots between your people, your strategy and your success.

Let us be part of your success story

Contact us and see how our industry expertise can help you achieve your business goals.

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