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The Art of Curating a Playlist

Music may be the ultimate purveyor of mood. 

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Almost any experience can be accentuated with a strategically synchronized soundtrack. But beware: a poorly chosen tune can also kill the vibe, which is why you should never leave playlist making to the algorithms.

  1. Identify the purpose: Need to amp yourself up in the morning? Or is the goal to make feel-good memories singing along on the open highway?
  2. Diversify but harmonize: Flow one song into the next but keep it fresh with various artists, genres, and time periods. Tune in to transitions.
  3. Set the tone: Always kick it off with a track to hook listeners. The second song affirms the tone. From there, follow your instinct.
  4. Refine and refresh: A playlist is a living collection that, when tended to, can span a lifetime. Keep adding, subtracting, and following the beat wherever it leads.

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