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Too Good To Be True?

Who needs to create imaginary story lines when real life is often stranger and more compelling and instructive than fiction?

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Most “best of” movie lists are made up primarily of fictional dramas, but more and more we’re seeing documentaries rise to the top echelon of cinema. That in turn is attracting top filmmakers to the genre, leveling up the output even higher still. Recent must-see documentaries have revealed forgotten—or buried—histories and explored the creative process like never before. The most imposing titles in this category, though, provide not only entertainment and learning but something else in dire need: empathy. They are a window into humanity. One of the year’s notable releases simply followed a Romanian family fighting to stay intact as poverty and civilization pulled it apart. These intimate perspectives allow the viewer to draw new connections and see the often-unseen impacts of the news we follow on a daily basis. The best ones make us care. Here’s a roundup of documentaries that traverse the bounds of reality.

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