It's safe to say the world of data has evolved beyond recognition since 2002, when the first Chief Data Officer (CDO) position was established. While 10 years ago only 12% of big companies employed a CDO, estimates show that by 2021 nearly 70% of data-intensive firms had a CDO in place.

As we continue to democratize analytics and innovate data technology, machine learning, and AI, the demands on today’s CDOs and their teams are greater than ever. 

Maturing organizations are reimagining the CDO role and structure to lead them into a sustainable future: opening space for new players and opportunities, while simultaneously surfacing higher risks and expectations.

To learn more about this rapid evolution of the CDO role, we interviewed leading CDOs and Chief Data Analytics Officers (CDAOs) from organizations around the world to discover how the nature of their work has changed, what organizations want out of their CDOs, and what skills modern day CDOs and CDAOs need to succeed.


Explore our paper to learn more about the following:

  • How Chief Data Officers are transforming into Chief Disruption Officers
  • Eight traits essential for a CDO’s success
  • Critical questions about the future of the CDO role
  • Six steps every organization can take to ensure it is data-fit for the future

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