An organization’s ability to continually disrupt and reinvent itself is key to extraordinary growth. We call it "perform and transform," and research shows that leaders following this approach grow their organizations 6.7% faster than their peers.

In today’s complex and uncertain business environment, the agility to dynamically manage current performance and simultaneously transform for the future is key. But how can you consistently do this at the same time?

To succeed, you need to harness two opposing forces into a single, strong approach. Sound easier said than done? Consider these six key levers:

1 Go deeper to define impact that creates real value

Your vision needs to be purpose-fueled and go beyond customers and competitors, spanning multiple arenas and time horizons. A broad set of criteria that considers the whole ecosystem—from shareholders and employees to customers and community—is critical to your success. For more complex problems, consider multiple angles for short and long-term solutions, and forget the narrow spotlight on financial metrics.

2 Be agile

Your capacity and agility to pivot dynamically between performing and transforming will create impact across and beyond your organization. You need to anticipate, visualize and create; make bold decisions and deliver consistent results; and energize people to develop new capabilities by inspiring purpose.

3 Adopt the right frame of mind

Being in the right mindset will unleash capabilities and enable you to make a meaningful impact, for your people and the organization. A self-aware leader, who interconnects purpose, performance and collective impact, will accelerate their organization’s performance.

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Leaders who can tap into the power of all

4 Reach far and wide

It’s not just vertical—horizontal influence is just as critical. Over 70% of C-suite leaders say their job requires “influencing others without having formal authority over them.” To succeed in today’s hyperconnected environment, it's critical to inspire and organize people, and also reach beyond your immediate business units. If you have a deep understanding of the diverse parts of your ecosystem, its interconnectivity and how to maximize that interdependence, you’ll be leading through change in an impactful way.

5 Think communities, not companies

Participating in diverse and dynamic communities will give you a deeper understanding and a broader influence in your ecosystem. Have the courage and resilience to lead outside what you can control, leading through ambiguity and change.

6 Plan for the future

Developing a team of "perform and transform” leaders is challenging, but it is a critical strategic investment. You need strategic vision to look beyond selecting the next CEO. Accelerate the development of your courageous, visionary and authentic leaders who are creating impact across and beyond your enterprise right now. Encourage them, stretch them and coach them. You’ll be building a team with a common purpose and a deep level of trust, helping your organization flourish well into the future.

Embrace change and lead with confidence. Curious to learn how you can develop these critical skills across your team? Read our eBook, Why Enterprise Leaders are so rare and so valuable to dig deeper.

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