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It’s tough out there for sales teams, and when the numbers aren’t looking great, it can be tempting to cut costs. But sales organizations who take a proactive approach and invest in their workforce now will benefit from longer-term sales success. 

One of the best tactics to achieve this is with sales coaching. Research shows that reps who are part of a formalized coaching program perform better, which means better outcomes for the entire organization. 

How Does Sales Coaching Work? 

Sales coaching aims to develop an individuals’ sales skills to help them, and by extension the company they work for, achieve their sales goals. It isn’t the same thing as sales training, which occurs at intervals, whereas coaching is ongoing. Good coaches work closely with reps to diagnose, develop, and reinforce behaviors that improve performance. 

With a formalized, ongoing coaching program, reps are able to continually improve and adapt.  

What Are the Benefits of Sales Coaching? 

Sales coaching allows organizations to achieve more with their current workforce. The proof is in the numbers. In Korn Ferry’s World-Class Sales Practices Study, a staggering 94% percent of top sales organizations said that sales coaching improved their sellers’ performance. On top of increased revenue, higher win rates, and more quota attainment, coaching can also help keep reps feeling engaged and happy in their jobs.   

And it’s not just for reps with lower performance levels. Sales coaching even delivers these benefits to top sales talent.

Our guide will give you a deeper understanding of the benefits of sales coaching and how to effectively implement a program in your organization to get results.

Korn Ferry’s new sales coaching guide explores: 

  •  How sales coaching boosts performance and drives growth 
  • The differences between executive coaching and sales coaching  
  • Why managers don’t always make the best coaches 
  • Common missteps that can arise when launching a sales coaching program  
  • How to make sellers more receptive to coaching 
  • Tips for implementing a coaching program 
  • How Korn Ferry can help launch a formal sales coaching plan at your organization 

Implementing a formal coaching program can quantifiably boost your team’s sales skills and improve organizational growth—even in slow sales environments.  

Download our eBook to learn what sales coaching can do for your company and how to establish an effective program that gets results. 

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