Growth. New markets. Labor shortages. Layoffs. There’s never a dull moment for Talent Acquisition teams. Businesses are always looking to save costs where they can. Many CFOs even wonder whether they could pull their TA model fully in-house – immediately crossing that spend off the list of expenditures.

But is that a move that’s worth making? How does a fully in-house TA model operate, and what kinds of resources will it need in order to compete with outsourcing recruitment? And does it have to be either/or—can you bring some elements of the TA function in-house and outsource the rest? What do businesses need to know before they decide which path to choose? Let’s find out.


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  • The investment and effort required to move the Talent Acquisition (TA) function in-house
  • Significant benefits of outsourcing the recruitment and selection process
  • How proper investment in recruiting is an essential driver of future success

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