The Essentials: Women in Leadership

Even as firms increasingly recognize the value of adding women to leadership teams, the number of female leaders remains small. What firms and people are doing to make a difference.

The numbers at the top may still look grim—fewer than a handful of Fortune 500 companies are led by women. In other parts of the workplace, however, women have been moving up the leadership ranks. A record number of women were elected into the US Congress, and new research shows that women at the top of the corporate ladder may lead to higher profits.

In this edition of Essentials, Korn Ferry recaps the state of women in leadership, including what women—and men—can do to get more females into management roles.

Want Higher Profits? Hire a Female CEO, CFO

A new study shows top women execs produce superior returns in their first two years on the job. “The evidence is getting louder.”

Women, Returning in Force

Women who took hiatuses are returning to work in record numbers. Will companies place them in strong roles?

Women Directors: Forcing the Issue

A California law that mandates women on boards is now being challenged in court. What solution is best?

The New Roadblock for Women: Performance Reviews

Nearly six in 10 women get vague performance reviews, stymieing their leadership growth.

Glass-Cliff Roles? Go for It

So-called “glass cliff” jobs carry big risks, but Korn Ferry’s Evelyn Orr sees important opportunities for the women and minorities who take them.


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