The Essentials 2018: Diversity and Inclusion

Why the push for more diverse leadership and talent may be rounding a corner.

Will 2018 ultimately be known as the tipping point for diversity and inclusion? On the surface, it wouldn’t seem possible; there were few high-profile appointments of women or minorities to chief executive positions. Women still make up 45% of the S&P 500 workforce but only 26% of executives and other senior management positions.

However, an increasing number of firms say they recognize the value of having people of diverse backgrounds in high-level positions. Several government organizations have set new rules for gender equality and representation on boards. Even institutional investors have seen the lack of progress and are starting to speak out.

In this Essentials list, Korn Ferry showcases articles that highlight how organizations are becoming more diverse, inclusive organizations.

Their Breakthrough Formula: Women CEOs

In a landmark study, Korn Ferry researchers interviewed and assessed the top women chiefs. Is there a pattern to how they got there?

Women CEOs Speak: The Podcast

The entire landmark series on how to develop the next generation of women leaders.

The "Team-Playing" Chief Diversity Officer

Strong-willed activism made the difference a generation ago, but the best diversity leaders now impact their firms with different skills.

Diversity and Inclusion…From Scratch

Truly diversifying a large organization can be a years-long marathon. How two firms are managing the process, from Italy to South America.

Diversity + Emotional Intelligence = More Success

Studies show teams innovate better when they’re diverse and put aside “micro-inequities.”