Resumes: Overrated and Overused

Job seekers at all levels overvalue the impact of these summaries, says Gary Burnison, CEO and author of Lose the Resume, Land the Job.

A perfect summary statement—check. Key job criteria words—check too. And all nicely put together in Times Roman 12-point types that scream, "Hire me!"

Except that’s not how it happens in the real world of today’s far-more sophisticated world of job hunting. According to Korn Ferry CEO Gary Burnison's new book, Lose the Resume, Land the Job, most people—from recent grads to veteran corporate executives—sabotage themselves by assuming that their resume accounts for 90% of the effort, when it’s more like 10%.  Based on research and experience at a firm that has placed millions over several decades, Burnison explains how career success starts with “losing the resume.” Here is the fifth in a series of interviews on his thoughts.

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