MLK Day Essentials: Diversity and Inclusion

Five ways to honor Dr. King's legacy by creating more dynamic, diverse organizations.

On Martlin Luther King Day, we remember how far we've come and think about how far we have to go. In the United States, there remains a dearth of Blacks, Latinx and other non-White groups in leadership positions. In other parts of the world, organizations also struggle to become more inclusive and better reflect the makeup of their own societies. 

To help leaders make significant changes, Korn Ferry has gathered its best insights on diversity, inclusion, and eradicating systemic racism in the workplace.

Diversity in 2021: This Time We’re Serious

Companies have made promises before—and most have failed. How the new year can be different.

Time for the Power to ‘Fight the Power’

CEOs—and no one else—are ultimately the ones who can ensure that companies become more diverse and inclusive.

7 Ways Corporate Leaders Can Address D&I Right Now

Experts say CEOs and board directors have considerable power to make positive change.

Being a True White Ally Against Racism

White CEOs are saying the right things now, but taking some key bold actions may make this moment stick, says Korn Ferry diversity and inclusion strategist Andrés Tapia.

Combating Racism, as a Lifestyle

Adopting an entirely new life approach may be the best way leaders can make the changes that need to be made, says Korn Ferry’s Andrés Tapia.