The New Face of R&D: Leading Innovation Across the Enterprise

In recent years, the landscape of the life sciences industry has transformed due to numerous external and internal trends, such as the rise of digitalization and big data, signifi cant pressure from payer and regulatory agencies, an evolving patient-centric model, and increased competition across the globe. While pharmaceutical and medical device companies have focused on emphasizing the commercial side of their operations to adapt to these changes, in speaking with our clients it seemed that less attention is placed on the R&D departments of these organizations and the leaders who manage them. In an attempt to fi ll that gap, we leveraged our extensive client base to launch a wide-reaching study, setting out to answer the following questions:

  • How has the profile of a successful R&D leader changed? What does it look like today?
  • How must the R&D function evolve to survive the changing landscape and remain competitive?
  • How has the digital revolution aff ected the industry as a whole?
  • What challenges are to be anticipated in the future? What areas are ripe with opportunity?

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