This Week in Leadership (Aug 1 - Aug 7)

Why leaders need to learn about the phrase "quiet quitting." Plus, making the day-to-day work your teammates do matter. 

What leaders should know about "quiet quitting." What are the qualities and skills of a recession-proof executive? Plus, why this August may not bring the usual dog days. Here are some recent articles by Korn Ferry’s content team on leadership-related news. 

The New, New Thing: Quiet Quitting

A new viral video has many young people wondering whether they are putting too much effort into work. Why leaders should be worried.

The Recession-Proof Executive

Who will keep their jobs in a market downturn?

No Slacking in August?

Many firms give employees a break in August, but a looming recession has at least some pushing for more productivity out of workers. 

The First 100 Days: 5 Ways to Make Your Mark 

As with a president, how new employees show up during the first 100 days can be critical. Some key steps to distinguish yourself.

Making the Day-to-Day Work Matter

Best-selling author Daniel Goleman argues why it’s essential for leaders to connect the contributions of individual employees to a collective purpose.