This Week in Leadership

Insights on CEO fallibility, online performance reviews and more.

The average CEO tenure is shrinking, but some leaders may be spending that diminishing time in office reading anonymous online critiques of their performance. Korn Ferry’s experts weigh in on the news of the week, including how the aura of CEO invincibility continues to decline, the amount workers are willing to give up for job stability and why some leaders are perusing public websites to read about what’s going on in their own office.

The Stability Pay Cut

How much is a consistent schedule worth to workers? A lot, according to a new report.

Can CEOs Still Be the Heroes?

After a string of recent high-profile CEO departures, it’s clear that a confluence of factors—ranging from activist investors and more accountable boards to digital disruption and heightened growth expectations—is quickly diminishing the image of the invincible CEO.

How Empathy Adds to a Leader's Power

Being able to understand other people’s perspectives is anything but a “soft” skill. The latest from emotional intelligence expert Daniel Goleman.

Our Advice, from W. & Bill

Five leadership pointers from two ex-presidents.

'The CEO's Strategy is Dumb': *1/2 Stars

A growing number of CEOs are putting more weight on anonymous online reviews written by employees. Experts say there are better ways to get performance feedback.

The Art of Taking Turns 

Korn Ferry’s Evelyn Orr offers a dual career strategy for a power couple.