This Week in Leadership (Mar 14 - Mar 20)

Will companies that pull out of Russia go back? Plus, why thousands of employees are doing what Tom Brady just did.

Why pulling business out of Russia might be spurring a host of other questions. What to do with all those good (and bad) habits remote-working employees picked up now that they are returning to the office. Plus, NFL great Tom Brady isn't the only one unretiring. Here are some recent articles by Korn Ferry’s content team on leadership-related news. 

Bye-Bye, Corporate Assets

The Eastern European conflict raises questions about doing business in trouble spots, even if fighting stops.

The Return of… People Who Just Left

Just like NFL football great Tom Brady, thousands of executives across industries are “unretiring.”  Will it help reduce the labor shortages?

The Pandemic's Toll on Gender Pay Gaps

Progress was stalled during the past two years, but experts say some new steps might help.

Will Office Returnees ‘Behave’?

As leaders think about bringing their people back, which remote working habits do they want workers to keep—or break?

How to Answer a Job Interview’s ‘Why’ Questions

More than half of candidates fail job interviews because they are unprepared for the key “why” questions.