This Week in Leadership (Apr 29 - May 5)

Insights from the latest U.S. jobs report, plus why you should never tell your colleagues, "I'm so busy.

Is the recent decline in U.S. manufacturing jobs a fluke or a trend? Find out the answer, plus why you should never tell your colleagues "I'm so busy," in the latest edition of Korn Ferry's This Week in Leadership.

Are There More Manufacturing Jobs to Produce?

Was March's surprise decline just a blip or a trend? The latest jobs report answered the question.

Marriott Opens Its Doors to Home-Sharing  

The hotel chain’s move highlights the challenges and opportunities of disrupting yourself and your competitors.

Stop Saying “I’m So Busy”

It’s a phrase with more than one meaning to your coworkers, says Korn Ferry CEO Gary Burnison.

The Business Benefits of Purpose

Best-selling author Daniel Goleman outlines the stark performance differences between firms that are purpose driven and those that are not.