This Week in Leadership (Oct 29 - Nov 4)

The mid-term election's surprising impact at the office, plus job interview no-nos.

The mid-term election's impact at the office. Why Apple is outshining its rivals. The takeaways from the latest economic data. All that and more in the latest edition of Korn Ferry's This Week in Leadership. 

The Mid-Term’s Surprising Impact on Hiring

Three-quarters of US executives tell us next week’s elections will influence their talent decisions. Here’s how.

Mixed Messages Keep the Global Economy Interesting

Corporate chiefs may have been hoping for some clear answers from this week’s economic reports. That isn’t quite what they got.

How Apple Has Kept Its Shine

As rivals and stock markets have fallen back, strong leadership has helped Apple shares outperform.

The Talent Shortage: Someone Else’s Problem

Two-thirds of leaders expect talent shortages in the future, but few see it as their own issue, a new Korn Ferry report finds. Will they realize too late?

10 Things That Will Sabotage a Job Interview

Korn Ferry CEO Gary Burnison says don’t ramble or be rude to the receptionist, and never, ever bring your mother. (Yes, it really happened.)