This Week in Leadership (Apr 1 - Apr 7)

How did 4PM become the new quitting time? Plus, how to learn about your organization works—or doesn't work—fast.

Should bosses be OK that workers are logging off of work at 4PM? So many retailers are closing stores, so what are the leadership secrets of the companies that have avoided the turmoil? Plus, the latest Briefings Podcast investigates how to secure a promotion even as companies are cutting back on the number of people they promote. 

It’s 4 PM: Quitting Time

US workers are logging off from work, on average, earlier and earlier on Fridays. Is this a sign of employees being further disengaged from their jobs?

Doors Open, Doors Close

Amid an 80% surge in retail closures, what’s the magic touch for brick-and-mortar?

Briefings Podcast: Promotion Puzzle 2024

With companies projected to promote 10% fewer employees this year than last, a top career coach shares her secrets to still moving up the corporate ladder.​

5 Ways to Gain Institutional Knowledge Swiftly

People are shifting jobs more often than ever—which makes it critical for them to understand your organization’s operations.

Does Dish Soap Need a ‘Purpose?

Best-selling author Daniel Goleman argues that conveying a company’s environmental and social impact is essential, regardless of the products or services it sells.