This Week in Leadership (Feb 12 - Feb 18)

Why so many job seekers are frustrated by the hot job market. Plus, why two-thirds of employees come to work when they’re sick.

Why, despite a historically high number of job openings and a historically low unemployment rate, are people getting increasingly gettting frustrated by the job market? Why are so many people coming into the office while sick? Plus, the latest Briefings Podcast takes a look at the big push by executives to learn all things AI. Here are some recent articles by Korn Ferry’s content team on leadership-related news. 

The Frenzy to Find Work

Job openings may be rising, but a new survey finds half of job seekers say they’re “completely burned out.” What’s causing all this?

Yes [Cough], I’m Working Today

With ailments from colds to COVID-19, three quarters of employees admit to coming to work while sick.

5 Résumé Tips for People Over 50

Layoffs, inflation, and the high cost of living are causing more older workers to look for jobs. Here are five tips for crafting an age-friendly résumé.

Missing the Mark

So far this quarter, more than 80% of S&P 500 companies have beaten earnings estimates. Why normally “good” news may be concerning for both the corporate and investing worlds.

A Surprising Key to Unlock Employee Engagement

Best-selling author Dan Goleman says there’s a straightforward tactic that could go a long way toward improving worker well-being.

Briefings Podcast: Back to AI School

Are pricey AI executive-education courses worth it? We chat with two leading education experts to get the full scoop.