This Week in Leadership (Jan 29 - Feb 4)

How return-to-office mandates affect a company's bottom line. Plus, the best time to look for new job.

A new study looks at how return-fo-office mandates impact a firm's bottom line. Why the best time to look for a new job might be when your current employer promotes you. Plus, as Black History Month begins, the leaders responsible for improving diversity and inclusion are at a crossroads? Here are some recent articles by Korn Ferry’s content team on leadership-related news. 

RTO and the Bottom Line

Leaders say productivity increases when workers are in the office, but a new study asks: Do profits get any better?

Promotion? No Thanks!

A surprising survey finds that over half of employees are happy to stay in a role that offers no room for promotion.

5 Ways to Find a New Job After Getting a Promotion

The new title actually might make it easier to find a new place to work. How to get it done.

Chief Diversity Officers: Reframing the Message

As Black History Month starts, experts are encouraging CDOs facing opposition to push on—with a new message.

Gen Z Questions How Work Is Done? Good.

Best-selling author Dan Goleman explains why angsty young workers can turn into excellent leaders.