This Week in Leadership (Jan 15 - Jan 21)

How the job market quickly has become frustrating. Plus, why some leaders aren't sure how to ask their employees to be more productive.

Why some candidates are finding the job market, despite its low unemployment rate, quite frustrating. When to embark on "upskilling." Plus, why some leaders are hesitatant about asking their employees to be more productive. Here are some recent articles by Korn Ferry’s content team on leadership-related news. 

Why Finding a New Job Has Gotten a Lot Harder

For a variety of new reasons candidates at all levels are frustrated. What can they do?

The ‘Talent-Hub’ Cities

Dallas has suddenly become the second-biggest US financial hub, part of a new and still-evolving worker geography in the post-pandemic era.

Demanding More... and More?

Leaders are ready for higher productivity in 2024—but worried about asking for it.

4 Ways to Think About ‘Upskilling’

Everyone is talking about adding new abilities to their professional toolbox. But there are alternatives to time-consuming training.

Leadership During a 'Permacrisis'

With so many global challenges occurring simultaneously, bosses need to lead differently, says best-selling author Dan Goleman.

Human or AI?: The Nuances of Intelligence

This new series unpacks the complexities of human and AI capabilities. In the first installment, we explore how generative AI mimics the human brain.