This Week in Leadership (Jan 8 - Jan 14)

Why neither firms nor workers have the upper hand in this job market. Plus, who's taking attendance at the office?

Who's got the upper hand in the job market? Can DEI efforts recover this year? Plus, listen to the latest Briefings Podcast. Here are some recent articles by Korn Ferry’s content team on leadership-related news. 

The Job-Market ‘Détente’

Why neither employers nor workers have the upper hand when it comes to hiring: “It’s a market I’ve never seen before.”

Taking Attendance… at the Office?

Eight in ten companies plan to monitor employees’ office attendance this year, with consequences for flouters. But leaders face risks too.

DEI: ‘A Year of Reckoning’

Experts say with much of the progress halted last year, DEI leaders need a new plan to reignite the movement in 2024. 

5 Tips for Getting into Management

Experts say supervisory roles are evolving, providing more opportunities—and challenges—than ever. How to become a boss.

Our Sense of Selflessness

Korn Ferry CEO Gary Burnison explains why 2024 should be a year for leaders to think more about the advancement of others.

Briefings Podcast: Death (or Rebirth) of a Salesman

Sales teams face a tough year ahead, with data showing only 21% of corporate buyers now engage them early in the process. Can teams get their foot in the door?