This Week in Leadership (May 15 - May 22)

As the tech industry retrenches, several surprising high-paying fields are growing fast. Plus, how to deal with a bad boss.

With some parts of the tech industry retrenching, what other fields look to be paying big salaries? Why are young workers so unhappy? Plus, how should you deal with a bad boss? Here are some recent articles by Korn Ferry’s content team on leadership-related news. 

Show Me the Money

With tech companies faltering, some workers are hitting pay dirt in these five unexpected sectors.

AI: The Great Equalizer?

A new study suggests artificial intelligence tools help rather than hurt lower-skilled workers. How leaders can best close the skills gap.

Who’s Balancing the Books?

An acute shortage of both entry-level and senior accountants has an industry—and its clients—worried.

5 Ways to Handle a Bad Boss Back at the Office

Handling difficult managers remotely is a challenge. In-person becomes a tougher challenge as more workers return to the office.

Why Are Younger Workers Unhappy?

The youngest cohort is far less satisfied at work than older generations were at their age, but best-selling author Dan Goleman says companies can help improve the situation.

Turning Potential Into Top Performance

A new Korn Ferry model aims to systematically align business strategy with talent, purpose, and culture.