This Week in Leadership (May 27 - June 2)

How #boredatwork is the latest leadership headache. Plus, how savvy managers can use good news to inspire their employees. 

How #boredatwork has become the latest leadership headache. Plus, the latest Briefings Podcast highlights how the workday has changed dramatically even since the end of the COVID-19 lockdowns. Here are some recent articles by Korn Ferry’s content team on leadership-related news. 

The Latest Corporate Concern: Boredom

Workers have posted more than 200,000 videos about their lack of interest in their jobs. Is it a wake-up call for firm leaders?

College Sports: So Much Disruption, So Few Answers

The NCAA’s historic new deal allows schools to directly pay student-athletes. But what comes next in recruiting, funding, and other key areas is yet to be determined.

Their Own Olympics: Our Experts’ Exercise Regimens 

With the Summer Games approaching, our experts offer up impressive ways they train.

5 Ways to Stay Energized at Work During the Summer

The warmer months mean vacations and other distractions, but they also offer a few ways to get ahead professionally.

Don’t Let Good News Go Unnoticed

Best-selling author Dan Goleman explains how good news engages purpose-driven workers, and there’s plenty of good news around.

Briefings Podcast: Workday Redefined 

Nine-to-five was once synonymous with the workday. But workers are now logging off an hour earlier than they did in 2021. Experts weigh in on how leaders might address this watershed moment.