This Week in Leadership (Nov 14 - Nov 20)

What, exactly, is "career cushioning?" Why has executive job satisfaction plummeted in 2022. Plus, are big raises in store for 2023?

What, exactly, is "career cushioning"? Why has executive morale dropped this year? Plus, what's the outlook for raises in 2023? Here are some recent articles by Korn Ferry’s content team on leadership-related news.

‘Career Cushioning’: Looking for the Next Job

Spooked employees are accelerating job-hunts just as leaders are trying to hit year-end results.

The End—or Beginning—of Crypto?

The massive collapse of a cryptocurrency exchange underscores the risks and potential opportunities behind decentralized finance.

Pulling Back on Wages—At Least For Most 

Facing inflation and high benefit costs, firms set sights on slicing wage hikes—except for top talent.

Executive Morale Drops Big-time—But Why?

A new survey reveals that nearly 20% more executives are dissatisfied with their job than a year ago. Why the sudden change, and how to reverse it?

5 Ways to End 2022 Strong

Most companies are expecting cutbacks in early 2023, but experts say strong, year-end performers can avoid being part of that.