This Week in Leadership (Oct 2 - Oct 8)

Why are people quitting after they get promoted? Plus, listen to Korn Ferry's new podcast. 

Will lip-synching AI transform how business people communicate with one another? Why are workers quitting shortly after getting promoted? What should you do if you're reassigned to a new job? Here are some recent articles by Korn Ferry’s content team on leadership-related news. Plus, listen to our new podcast; the first topic is the ongoing return-to-office dilemma. 

Thanks for the Promotion: I’m Leaving

In a surprising twist, nearly one-third of employees who get a promotion quit within the next month.

Lip-Syncing AI: A Potential Twist for the Business World?

New AI tools offer improved speaking and lip-syncing features that could help transform business communications. But should firms use them?

New Podcast! Back to Work… for What?

The premiere episode of the Briefings Podcast focuses on return-to-office challenges that still divide workers and leaders.

5 Ways to Manage a Job Reassignment

Instead of laying people off, more organizations are giving them new roles. How to manage jarring professional change.

Never Walk Alone

Korn Ferry CEO Gary Burnison highlights how conversations at work about well-being have changed… and why that’s a good thing.