This Week in Leadership (July 31 - Aug 6)

What to do about rising employee turnover rates. Plus, the essential summer reading and watching list for UK leaders.

What can UK leaders do to slow down the rapidly rising rate of employee turnover? What's the big risk leaders are doing taking shorter-term office leases? Plus, our experts share their essential books and shows for this summer. Here are some recent articles by Korn Ferry’s content team on leadership-related news. 

An Alarming Uptick in Turnover

The UK attrition rate is expected to jump to 36% this year, creating new disruptions and costs. How can firms steady the ship?

Our Summer Reading (and Watching) List

Our UK Korn Ferry experts offer some diverse material to peruse—and take lessons from—during the hot days off. 

5 Ways to Get Your Resume Past AI 

Job candidates now have to get past more sophisticated AI screening tools. What is it looking for?

Is Emotional Intelligence on the Decline?

The epidemic of emotionless firings feeds a hunch I've had.

Short Leases: Big (And Risky) Opportunities

With the length of UK office leases dropping by half, firms are rethinking how to set up shop. Will that create more opportunities, or instability?