This Week in Leadership (Dec 11 - Dec 17)

Why the UK is facing a triple whammy at the end of the year. Plus, Korn Ferry's best articles of 2023.

The myriad challenges UK businesses are facing at the end of the year. Plus, a look at Korn Ferry's best articles of 2023. 

Britain’s Triple Whammy for the Holidays

Strikes, snow, and the flu are creating unusual disruptions at a key time for businesses.

Should You Say, ‘I Used AI For This’?

A Brazilian city unknowingly passed a law written by ChatGPT, highlighting the debate over whether workers need to disclose when they use the high-profile tools.

The Best of This Week in Leadership

From ChatGPT to a stagnant economy, the news in 2023 provided unprecedented challenges to corporate leaders. Here are nine of our top articles of the year.

6 Ways to Keep a Project Going Through a Holiday Break

It’s common at this time of year for projects to get put off. Career-minded workers are thinking ahead to 2024.

How Purpose and Profit Can Peacefully Coexist

Dan Goleman explains why these two values are not opposed to each other, as many believe.

Lessons from the Climate Conference: Leading for Impact

At the just concluded UN Climate Change Conference, Korn Ferry experts highlighted how leaders can reconcile business performance and sustainability.