Security FAQ

Companywide commitment to privacy and security

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Korn Ferry Security FAQ

We take pride in the strength of our security and privacy programs and seek to ensure our clients, employees and investors are aware of our efforts. Below are some common questions and answers about how we approach managing the unique risks associated with information security and how we communicate these.

How often does senior leadership brief the board on information security matters?

The Board of Directors receives a comprehensive security status briefing from senior leadership at least annually with special topic updates as requested or needed.

Has Korn Ferry entered into an information security risk insurance policy?

Korn Ferry carries dedicated cyber risk insurance.

Does Korn Ferry have an information security training program?

Korn Ferry conducts annual mandatory security training as part of its Ascent program, augmented by dynamic training through an industry leading security training platform. This platform augments this training by providing additional real-time feedback through tailored phishing simulation.

Does the company disclose an approach on identifying and mitigating information security risks?

Korn Ferry carries out an annual enterprise risk assessment which includes cybersecurity. In addition, Korn Ferry employs an industry leading cybersecurity firm to conduct regular penetration testing and assessments of security practices. Korn Ferry also runs a third party risk management program to identify and mitigate third party cyber risks.

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