What is the employee experience? Put simply: it’s everything an employee encounters, perceives, or feels at work that matters to them. Employers that respond to this experience are more likely to attract and retain talent and drive employee performance.

Engagement and Enablement

When people feel motivated, they perform better. But even the most highly motivated employee will lose faith if they don’t feel enabled to do their jobs. That’s why we don’t just measure how motivated and committed your people are (engagement). We also measure whether they’re in the right roles and working in a supportive environment (enablement).

Combining the power of both

You can improve performance through better engagement or better enablement alone. But for truly impressive results, you need to combine them. Research shows that your people who are both highly engaged and highly enabled will be 50% more likely to perform better than you expect and 54% less likely to cost you money by leaving your organization.

Engaged Performance™ Framework

We call this the Engaged Performance™ Framework. And you can apply it by running a Korn Ferry survey – then acting on the results. This happens in three simple steps:

  • Listen - We’ll help to design, launch and monitor the right employee experience survey for you.
  • Understand - Our online tool will generate insights and benchmark your results.
  • React - We’ll help you to understand your results, so you can take the action that will make the most impact.

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