Employee Life Cycle Surveys

Just as brands battle to keep their customers, employers battle to keep their best people — and can face big costs when they leave. High-performing organizations work to better understand precisely why people join as well as leave, and then use that information to keep hold of their top talent.

Connecting the dots

Employee Life Cycle surveys are a great way to do this. They enable you to survey your people at various points in the employee journey and thus gain a complete picture of how the employee experience changes over time by linking the data you get to feedback from Pulse surveys, annual Employee surveys and others.

Getting it right

Employee Life Cycle surveys will only work if you ask the right questions at the right time. Drawing on years of research and experience working with Fortune’s World’s Most Admired Companies, we have created surveys for key stages of the employee life cycle. Consistent content allows you to compare responses across the stages but there are also tailored questions so you can identify what’s unique about each stage.

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As one of the world’s leading employee survey providers, we’ve worked extensively with many organizations including those from Fortune’s World’s Most Admired Companies. To learn more about how we can help your business, please contact us.

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