The power of interpretation

Employee Experience survey results can be difficult to interpret in absolute terms. What represents a "good score" varies depending on what you are asking about. To help you make sense of your results, we give you access to one of the world's largest databases of employee-opinion information.

Compare your results to the norm

Our norms database comprises data from 8 million+ employees worldwide, 200+ survey questions, and dozens of indices. You can use it to compare your Employee Experience survey results with norms by country, region, industry, union/non-union populations, and employee demographics. You can also use norms to track your progress in achieving best-in-class levels.

Put your results into context

Normative comparisons help you put employee surveys into context. Doing so, allows you to identify key strengths and potential areas for improvement more accurately. You will see, for example, that questions related to supervision and teamwork tend to draw more favorable responses than questions dealing with communication or compensation – and you can adjust your interpretation accordingly.

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