Success Profiles combine everything we know about individual, team and organizational success to define what “good” looks like.

Sitting at the center of the Korn Ferry Intelligence Cloud are Success Profiles™, dynamic benchmarks of the characteristics required for optimal performance at the organization, leadership, and individual levels.

Big Data analytics continuously aggregates industry, organizational and job role trends, insight and data to keep Success Profiles relevant.

Customized to fit your organization needs, Success Profiles are used to predict what is needed to deliver business strategy, inform organizations where the gaps are, and used as a blueprint to improve structures, develop and acquire talent.

Job descriptions

Generate job descriptions quickly and easily, secure in the knowledge that the underlying data is directly based on what determines success in the role.

Interview guides

Download interview guides based on Success Profile competencies to help hiring managers focus on the most relevant and targeted questions.

Market insights

Find answers to urgent questions for each role. For example, how competitive is your reward package? Would it be easier to buy or build talent to fill the position? How long is the recruitment process likely to take?

Role architecture

Gain consistent frameworks for role definition, job sizing, grading and careers, with a Success Profile library based on a structured database of responsibilities and competencies organised by function and work level.

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