Leadership Solution Certification

Increase the impact and effectiveness of selection decisions

The Leadership Solution is an assessment that measures an individual’s competencies traits and drivers and compares those results with an ideal profile for a specific role. Learn how to successfully interpret and provide one on one feedback on the Leadership Solution Candidate Report.

Course Summary


Introduce how Korn Ferry’s Leadership Solution assessment addresses key challenges to selecting the right leaders.

Review the process to identify what success looks like in a role.

Acquire fluency in the language of competencies traits and drivers.

Practice analysis and interpretation of Leadership Solution assessment results.

Describe research methodology and science behind the Leadership Solution assessment.

Outline the purpose and key features of all Leadership Solution outputs.

Prepare to provide one on one feedback on the Leadership Solution Candidate Report.


Increase the impact and effectiveness of selection decisions by integrating the valuable insights of Korn Ferry’s Leadership Solution assessment into your selection processes and development conversations.

Who should attend

All those attending should be part of organizations who have purchased or will be purchasing the Korn Ferry Talent Hub.

Talent acquisition and talent management practitioners HR practitioners and coaches involved in initiatives including hiring decisions talent assessment interviewing personal development planning and facilitating development feedback sessions.

Prior experience using psychometric-based assessments is strongly recommended for this course.

What is included in the registration fee?

eLearning and support materials including eBooks, whitepapers and reference guides.

Course fees are payable by credit card or invoice. Additional logistical details will be sent with confirmation of your enrollment.

Assessments are purchased separately. Use of any Korn Ferry assessment requires a contract with our assessment center. Please contact GSCcontracts@kornferry.com for current assessment and contract pricing.


Upcoming dates and available courses


For additional information, please reach out to certifications@kornferry.com.


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