Sharpening your Talent Practices

This webinar series identifies ways that Enterprises can sharpen three of their key Talent Management practices to help them to perform and transform.

#1 – Sharpening your HR alignment

Speakers: Ben Frost, David Farris, Helen Clark, Lana Matta & James Bywater

Previously recorded:7 February 2024

Duration: 45 minutes

Has your Talent Management become disconnected? Are the increasing specialisms in your Selection, Talent and Development teams getting in the way of your ability to deliver? Want to see how to “stitch” HR activities closer together again?

Join us on this webinar where we discuss approaches and case studies in how we have improved the alignment of disparate HR functions to enable them to deliver changing business accountabilities.

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#2 – Sharpening your Talent Analytics

Speakers: Ashish Sinha, David Herrera, Stephen Lams, David Mayfield & James Bywater

Date:12 March 2024
Time: 16.00 GMT

Duration: 45 minutes

Talent Analytics has come a long way as we have improved the way we collect, store, analyze and draw insights from data about how your workforce is delivering your strategy. We will describe and contrast some approaches that organizations are taking in their use of Talent Analytics to derive real business value from the assessment and development data and the outcomes that it delivers.

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#3 – Sharpening your Leadership Succession - Moving beyond patronage

Speakers: Jerry Collier, Donna Herdsman, Amanda Boron & James Bywater

Date:16 April 2024
Time: 16.00 GMT

Duration: 45 minutes

All organizations have clear strategic plans, but how will a mix of predictable and completely unpredictable economic events impact that plan? Do you need Leaders who can both realize your current strategic ambition and also be leaders for your “any future”?

What is the role of succession planning today – is it for the few, with powerful internal supporters? Does succession need to be more intentional, equitable, and go deeper & broader?

We need to challenge and refine our succession practices, and ensure we deliver EQUITABLE Succession Planning. Join us to learn more about Equitable Succession Planning and what it means for you.

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