What Does AI Mean for Leaders?

In part two of our series about Generative AI in the Workplace we will drill down into the impact on leaders.

Previously Recorded: 25 October, 2023
Time: 12:00 PM Eastern U.S.
Duration: 45 minutes

In the wake of technological advancements, AI in the workplace has become a pivotal point of discussion among leaders. This webinar explores the impact of Generative AI (GenAI) on leaders and how leaders can harness GenAI effectively. We will explore:

  • AI Conversations: Post the launch of ChatGPT, Executive discussions surrounding AI have seen a significant surge, but what questions are leaders asking about AI?
  • AI Usage: With AI tools becoming more accessible in the workplace, how are leaders applying AI in their business today and in the future?
  • AI Data: Data has always been a critical component of leadership decision-making. How are leaders incorporating AI to make decisions?

Understand the varied viewpoints from the C-Suite on integrating AI within into their leadership approach to equip yourself with the knowledge to navigate the challenges and opportunities presented by AI-driven workforce transformations.

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