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We help build world-class sales and service organizations and prepare them to take on the evolving marketplace. Carefully aligning people, teams, processes and technology at globally recognized companies, our sales consulting experts provide the strategies, structures and tools you need to deliver sustained business outcomes.

The acquisition of the Miller Heiman Group gives us more than 40 years of sales consulting experience. Combined with Korn Ferry talent expertise and nuanced industry knowledge we drive change in your go-to-market strategy, operating models and structures for your sales organization, sales operations, talent strategy and rewards.

We are uniquely qualified to transform your sales and service organization from the ground up – because we know what works.

How our sales consulting helps you

Our sales consultants support modern sales organizations through long-term partnerships.

With an operational presence in 67 countries and over 400+ sales and delivery consultants, we specialize in serving large, enterprise global sales organizations, but we also provide sales consulting solutions tailored to small business and middle-market sales organizations.

We bring deep industry experience to every sales consulting engagement we undertake, never resorting to the cookie-cutter solutions that are the go-to solution for most sales consulting firms.

Go-to-market strategy

With ongoing change, you may be facing a gap in your ability to convert strategic priorities into a clear sales strategy and action plan for profitable growth.

We help in three key areas:

1. Segmenting markets and customers:

  • Identifying and prioritizing segments and buyers that have a high need for your offer
  • Locating and profiling the demand by geography, industry, and company size
  • Identifying specific market opportunity
  • Organizing around customer segments to allow a blueprint for your channel strategy

2. Segmenting products and services:

  • Matching products and services to customer segments
  • Identifying selling motions you need for each account
  • Pinpointing the capabilities your team need to sell products and services into certain accounts

3. Defining sales strategy:

  • Setting out the plan to meet your overall growth goals. This includes account acquisition, growth, and retention.
  • Defining plans and accountabilities for meeting your targets
  • Evaluating the length and duration of your selling process

Operating model and structure

With changing buyer behavior and new go-to-market priorities, your current sales structure may need to be redesigned to drive results more effectively.

We help in three key areas:

1. Defining the buyer journey and your sales process:

  • Outlining the journey that buyers want to take – along the whole sales cycle
  • Aligning your sales and service resources to meet buyers where they are in their journey
  • Documenting the sales process you need for maximum client impact

2. Identifying the model for your sales channels and coverage:

  • Understanding which channels are needed to deliver your revenue goals
  • Organizing the most appropriate sales and support resources based on the customer buying process and needs
  • Deploying your best and most qualified resources to the highest revenue potential areas

3. Designing the right structure for your sales organization:

  • Designing the operating model that will be used to sell, serve, and support accounts
  • Defining the structure and reporting relationships for your sales and sales support roles
  • Developing a flexible organization around the customer and their needs

Sales role and talent strategy

With changing priorities and operating environments, you may need new sales roles to deliver results. World-class organizations also use data-centric, consistent, and repeatable ways of defining, assessing and developing sales roles and sales leaders.

We help in three key areas:

1. Defining your sales and support roles:

  • Outlining the sales and service roles you need to engage and retain clients
  • Designing the roles you need to support sellers and execute on operational processes

2. Assessing and developing capability:

  • Assessing your sales teams against Korn Ferry Success Profiles that predict success in specific roles
  • Using the assessment data to identify talent shortfalls and methods for filling those gaps
  • Improve performance through individual learning journeys based on your salespeople’s strengths and weaknesses.

3. Designing the right structure for your sales organization:

  • Designing the sales operating model that will be used to sell, serve and support accounts
  • Defining the structure and reporting relationships for your sales and sales support roles
  • Developing a flexible organization around the customer and their needs

Sales performance and productivity

To execute against your sales strategy, you need best-in-class quota setting together with performance management and the right sales compensation program.

We help in three key areas:

1.Sales targets and quotas:

  • Setting appropriate targets to provide the highest level of focus and motivation for your sales force

2. Metrics and performance management:

  • Measuring the ongoing effectiveness of your targets and quotas plan in case course corrections are needed

3. Sales compensation and rewards:

Sales management and operations

Often neglected in maximizing sales effectiveness, you need to provide the optimum support to ensure your sales team is set up for continued success.

We help in three key areas:

1. Identifying and developing customer messaging, sales training and coaching enablement needs:

  • Helping to identify and plan for the deployment of proven training content to develop selling skills and embed a common sales methodology to manage opportunities and grow accounts
  • Developing powerful, value-creating and differentiated messaging for your customer facing teams to drive your revenue objectives

2. Sales acceleration through technology and CRM:

  • Assessing sales technology needs based on the sales process
  • Partnering to combine the selling process with technology needs, to provide learning at the point of work through Korn Ferry Sell.
  • Developing a seller’s daily workflow and reinforcing transformation efforts
  • Creating scorecards to give leaders/coaches visibility into seller behaviors

3. Customer retention and post-sales support:

  • Deploying key customer retention strategies for the sales organization
  • Building post sale support functions to ensure customer success and maximize usage and consumption of your offers
  • Creating sales customer and operational governance programs to ensure sales operational excellence

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