Micro Learning

Driving behavioral change at scale

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Businesses are actively adjusting strategies, expanding to new markets and diversifying their offerings in order to stay competitive and adapt for future growth. This kind of transformation requires a clear vision and purpose across the organization, with everyone working towards the same goals.

This presents employees with unprecedented levels of change. As a result, driving behavioral change at scale is trending, in an effort to connect the workforce to organizational purpose and build a growth-oriented culture. As a result, there is more emphasis on each individual to drive their own learning and development. "All you can eat" learning delivered via a Learning Management System (LMS) is a common approach when attempting to scale, but how do you activate the learner?

  • Do your employees have the insight they need to drive their own development?
  • Do they understand what good looks like?
  • Do your managers have the tools to inform meaningful development conversations?
  • How do you ensure developmental actions have greater traction at scale?

Assessment tools give an objective view of your people's strengths and what keeps them motivated. But the employee experience when creating a plan to act on identified development opportunities has historically presented a number of challenges; particularly time constraints, with individuals finding it difficult to prioritize development plans amidst their daily workload and responsibilities.

Introducing Micro Learning

Korn Ferry has developed Micro Learning to help participants visualize what competency improvement looks like and provide a range of ideas and resources to help participants develop their skills:

  • Micro Learning introduces user-focused, self-paced, bite-sized learning specifically dedicated to Korn Ferry leadership competencies, bringing behaviors to life and making these explicit
  • Introduces 3 reality-based graphic 'scenarios' visualizing:
    • Less skilled behaviors in action
    • Overused behaviors in action
    • Skilled and talented behaviors in action
  • Incorporates reflection questions in each graphic scenario
  • Includes action planning
  • Offers a range of learning options for behavioral competencies that appeals to many learning styles, from short form e-learning to materials from the For Your Improvement FYI® resource library, which include stretch job assignments, self-improvement tips and further reading.


To find out how you can benefit from Micro Learning, contact your Korn Ferry representative or use the contact form below.