Leadership Styles & Organizational Climate

Create the climate for success

Leadership Styles and workplace climates are important levers in team and leader performance. The Leadership Styles and Climate assessment measures these elements and highlights any gaps that may be present allowing leaders to help create the conditions which their teams need to succeed. Use the Leadership Styles and Climate assessment to provide important data as you think about individual and organizational performance.  Attendees will leave this course as approved coaches to deliver Leadership Styles and Climate feedback sessions. Certification maintains the integrity of the instrument and demonstrates best practice and will help you help your leaders create environments that are maximized for effectiveness.

  • Understand the impact of leadership styles on organizational climate and performance
  • Understand the elements of climate and leadership styles and how leaders and managers can influence them
  • Analyze leadership styles and climate feedback data
  • Interpret leadership styles and climate data within coaching interventions
  • Explain the research that underpins leadership styles and organizational climate

Modalities (availability may vary by region)

  • Instructor-Led Training – classroom (ILT)
  • Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT)
  • New: Blended Training (eLearning + V/ILT)

Eligibility and Requirements

This course is intended for practitioners within a larger organization. Completion of the course is required to receive Styles and Climate reports from Korn Ferry. Styles and Climate assessments are not included in the cost of the course and require a separate agreement with our Assessment Center.

Course Fees

Course materials are included in course fees and course fees vary by region. 

Clients with a Platinum-level subscription to the Korn Ferry Intelligence Cloud are entitled to a 25% discount on course fees for public certification courses and clients with a Gold-level subscription are entitled to a 15% discount on public certification courses.

Assessments are purchased separately. Use of any Korn Ferry assessment requires a contract with our assessment center. Please contact GSCcontracts@kornferry.com for current assessment and contract pricing.


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