Front-Line Leadership

Diagnose and close front-line leadership skills gaps, at scale

Why front-line leadership skills and training?

What happens if the talent directly responsible for getting work done, day in and day out, feels undervalued and under supported? What happens to your business results when front-line talent craves—but doesn’t receive—development opportunities that emphasize skills and tools such as building trust under pressure, motivating employees, giving needs-based feedback and more?

Front-line leaders represent around 80% of the leadership bench and have a real impact on employee retention, customer satisfaction and overall performance. Yet only 20 to 30% of leadership.

What will you learn with our more prescriptive focused training?

  • Efficiently and scalably drive front-line leadership performance across the breadth of the organization
  • Stop over-relying on top performers plus quickly identify and act on under-performers.
  • Enhance the ROI on leadership development activities through more focused targeting and stronger follow-through
  • Encourage a culture of learning and continuous improvement to set your front-line leaders up for success
  • Drive employee engagement through a personalized approach and help individuals manager their development and careers over the long term.

What will you learn with our more lean and agile focused training?

Leaders face a range of urgent challenges when it comes to developing and sustaining an agile business. They must ensure that their teams can navigate and adapt within the continually changing business landscape. Whether you need to address talent gaps in your management system or build more inclusive behaviors within your team, we have you covered.

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