Front Line Leadership Training

Adapting to Constant Change


First-level, mid-level and senior leaders

  • Onsite Instructor-led
  • Virtual instructor-led
  • Micro-Lessons

Adapting to Constant Change helps people at all levels build the mindsets, skills and confidence to perform more effectively under conditions of continuous change and uncertainty. To be successful today's complex, ambiguous and volatile times, leaders and the people they lead must be highly adaptable and able to perform at high levels despite these uncomfortable circumstances. This program provides a set of techniques for building personal adaptability. 

Learning objectives

  • Describe their baseline ability to absorb constant change and uncertainty while maintaining high levels of performance
  • Identify the research-based practices that will improve adaptability
  • Useaprocesstoimmediatelymanageandreduce the impact disruptions, distractions, stress, and anxiety have on their performance
  • Develop an action plan for long-term improvement of their own and their team’s adaptability
  • Absorb more change and uncertainty while delivering high levels of performance  

Behavioral Competencies

  • Being resilient
  • Demonstratesself-awareness
  • Manages ambiguity
  • Nimble learning
  • Self-development
  • Situational adaptability