Lean & Agile Training

Iterative Delivery with Scrum and Kanban


Individual contributor (vocational – expert) and select front line leaders

  • Digital/E-learning
  • Onsite Instructor-led
  • Virtual instructor-led

Iterative Delivery with Scrum and Kanban is an activity-driven, “nuts-and-bolts” course for teams and leaders of teams that demonstrates how to perform iterative delivery of work using Scrum and Kanban. Iterative delivery is one of two principal methods of delivering work in a Lean and Agile manner and blends well with project-based work efforts. The course provides specific learning and application-based experience wielding Scrum and Kanban to complete deliverables during the class. The course assumes that participants already know the foundational elements of Lean and Agile.

Learning objectives

  • Use effective collaboration techniques to get to consensus quickly.
  • Prioritize work by creating and assigning value to themes, epics, and user stories.
  • Execute a Sprint Zero and iterative work cycle using Scrum and Kanban.
  • Use metrics to track, measure, and forecast work iteratively.
  • Execute Scrum ceremonies with defined Scrum roles.
  • Explain how Scrum and Kanban can be combined to produce a solid iterative toolset.

Behavioral Competencies

  • Action oriented
  • Being resilient
  • Directs work
  • Plans and aligns


  • Backlog management
  • Culture of innovation
  • Managing change
  • Planning and organizing
  • Product development
  • Project change management
  • Project communications management
  • Project life cycle adaptation
  • Project organization and structure
  • Project tracking and reporting


  • Onsite instructor-led: 1 day - 7.5
  • Virtual instructor-led: 1 day - 7.5
  • Digital/E-learning: 7.5