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Speed, volume, quality: when you’re hiring, you can have all three

The clock’s ticking. If you’re merging organizations, adding new offices in new locations or ramping up for a big product launch, you need to scale talent within your timeframes.

We won’t keep you waiting.

Our networks are extensive and so is our talent database. We work in every industry in every market around the world. So whether you need 10 people or 200, from new grads to senior managers, our project recruitment consultants know the perfect channels to find them.

A recruitment project is defined as a talent acquisition solution that is significant in volume (10 positions to 300 positions), has a defined delivery period (up to 12 months) and addresses a specific recruiting requirement at a certain point in time. We can deliver the right talent, in the right numbers and in the right location for your corporate relocation, new product launch, mergers and acquisitions, geographical expansion, graduate recruitment or special skill demand.

And the best thing about our approach? It’s seamless—so as we deliver our strategy, you can get ahead with yours.

How we help you

We know a good fit when we see it. We use proactive, targeted sourcing to help you find people and teams with the skills and attitude to shine in your business—no matter how tight your timeline. We combine the latest tools with our market-leading digital assessments and success profiles in our Korn Ferry Intelligence Cloud. And we provide unbeatable scalability. So, all you see is one streamlined hiring process—and a whole lot of talent.

Find qualified candidates who want to join you

Our contact list is huge, as is our candidate database. We combine this with AI-powered search to see who’s job hunting right now. And if your ideal candidates aren’t looking to move, we talk. With the right conversations we’ve motivated countless candidates to take the plunge.

Make sure each new hire is a perfect fit for your company

We set the standard for digital assessments. We use them to check that every candidate has the right skillset and mindset to shine in your business. When they can do the job and want to do it with you, they’re the ideal match.

Save money without compromising on quality

There’s a reason our recruitment tools are the best in the industry. They work. Fast. And provide a best-in-class candidate experience. So, you save money and stress and get a recruitment strategy that fits perfectly with your broader hiring plans.

Find highly-skilled technology talent

Our Technology Talent Solutions business specializes in project recruitment for technology roles including cloud, data analytics, digital, software engineering/architecture and cyber/infosec. To find the best candidates—from entry to board-level—we find tech professionals who can drive growth, innovation, and strategic change in a highly competitive market. We help you find the right technology talent to enable your future digital and technology aspirations.

Let us be part of your success story

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