Solve high-volume hiring with one high-tech, high touch solution

High-volume recruiting— a fiercely competitive business with hit or miss results.

Let us be the answer to your hiring woes. Korn Ferry Nimble is a fully integrated end-to-end technology solution for high-volume hiring. Don’t second guess whether you’ve got the right pool of candidates—rely on our artificial intelligence and best-in-class solution that has high-volume, high performance recruiting enablement that works. We provide targeted assessment and selection of the right people for the role and take care of your future potential superstars with a candidate-driven experience built around your brand, including 24/7 candidate care via an AI-enabled chatbot.

Nimble also automates and schedules interviews for you—which frees up your time to focus on your candidates. We ensure that high-volume hiring is productive, positive and prompt for candidates and organizations alike—leaving a great first impression of your company and brand.

How we help you

Nimble solves the challenges of high-volume hiring, working with your ATS platform and using a combination of the latest technology and decades of our research. Whether you are looking to widen your net of qualified candidates, achieve an affordable cost per hire or deliver a seamless process and experience for candidates and hiring managers, we have you covered using the below:

Success Profiles

Nimble’s high volume recruitment approach starts by using our best-in-class Success Profiles to ensure the right fit for each role. This enables you to secure better quality candidates and reduces the risk of staff leaving after only a short time in the job.

AI recruitment

For the sourcing phase of the hiring process, Nimble uses AI for high volume recruitment to find the widest pools of internal and external candidates. All candidates are supported by an AI assistant, Juno, who updates them on their progress at every stage and is available 24/7 to answer any questions.

Quick assess

Our AI chatbot, Juno, can help arrange for pre-screened candidates to meet with a virtual recruiter, taking candidates through a 10 minute quick assessment to determine whether they are a fit for the role.

Interview simulation

Narrowing down your candidate pool can be tricky, but with Nimble, candidates who meet the necessary competency requirements are stack ranked and moved into the automated interview phase. As part of its end-to-end approach to high volume recruitment, Nimble uses Robotic Process Automation tools to simulate interviews with recruiters—creating a shortlist of top candidates for hiring manager presentations.

Automatic interview scheduling

Juno takes care of all interview scheduling as part of the high volume hiring process. Background checks and reference checks are initiated automatically, so you can check this step off your list. Offers and contracting are managed in line with your organization’s processes.

Let us be part of your success story

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